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Best Selling

120 QR

Mixed Grill Platter Premium

88 QR

Tandoor Special Chicken Platter

55 QR

Barra Kebab (Lamb Chops)

35 QR

Tawa Fry Fish


Shorba Addas

Nourishing Indian Style Lentil Soup With Herbs

16 QR

Creamy Tomato Soup

Creamy Tomato Soup With A Hint Of Garlic

16 QR

Tandoor Hummus

Traditional Hummus With Chickpeas, Olive Oil And Tahina

18 QR

French Fries

Crispy Fried Potato Batons

16 QR

Chicken Tikka Fries

Chicken Tikkas Topped Over Crispy Fries, Drizzled With Tandoor Special Tikka Sauce

26 QR

Mumbai Samosa

Mumbai Style Pastry Stuffed With Fresh Vegetables And Spiced Potatoes

20 QR

Chicken Garlic Wings

Chicken Wings Indo Chinese Style

30 QR

Mixed Grill Platter Premium

24 Pcs Of Choices Tandoor Favourite Kebabs, Served With Fries, Mint Yogurt & Garlic Sauce

120 QR

Tandoori Chicken Wings

Smoked Chicken Wings Marinated In Indian Masala

30 QR

Chicken Tikka Sholay

Boneless Chicken Marinated In Yoghurt, Red Chilli, Spices And Flame Grilled In Tandoor

32 QR

Chicken Malai Kebab

Boneless Chicken Marinated In Yogurt, Cheese, Cashew And Flavored With Herbs, Grilled In A Clay Oven To Melt-In-The-Mouth Perfection

32 QR

Chicken Pahadi Kebab

Boneless Chicken Marinated With Coriander, Mint And Herbs, Flame Cooked In A Clay Oven

32 QR

Chicken Seekh Kebab

A Delicate Mixture Of Minced Chicken And Spices

32 QR

Traditional Tandoori Chicken (2 Pcs)

Traditional Tandoori Spiced Half Chicken

28 QR

Tandoori Murg Angar (Spicy- 2 Pcs)

Delightfully Spicy Half Chicken Served With Mint And Yogurt Chutney

28 QR

Barra Kebab (Lamb Chops)

Tender Lamb Chops Marinated With Yoghurt, Spices, Mint And Herbs

55 QR

Lamb Afghani Seekh Kebab

Lamb Minced With Garlic, Mint And Coriander, Char Grilled In Tandoor

38 QR

Tandoori Prawns

Plump Prawns Marinated In Indian Spices And Chargrilled

75 QR

Tawa Fry Fish

Boneless Fish Coated With Home Ground Indian Masalas And Cooked On The Griddle

35 QR

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