Tea Adore Cafeteria

Looking for coffee, lemonade or any other bevarage? Check out Tea Adore Cafeteria menu, order online on Snoonu and get the fastest delivery in Qatar.

Delivery time

31-36 Min


3.66 km

Working hours

ClosedUntil 12:00 am



Best Selling

18 QR

Adore Special Omelet   

14 QR

Milano Panini

16 QR

Caramel Latte

10 QR

Strawberry Slush


Fajitas Omelet  

Chicken strips, mix vegetables. Serve with bread,jam and butter

16 QR

Adore Special Omelet   

Wrap omelette with beef cubes in spicy sauce.Serve with bread,jam,butter and tea or coffee.

18 QR


12 QR

Stuffed Omelet  

Omelette stuffed with chicken cubes and mushroom cheese sauce.Served with bread,jam and butter

15 QR

Cheese & Mushroom Omelet 

Mushrooms with cheese serve with bread,jam and butter

16 QR

Honey & Nutella Chapati Roll

5 QR

Liver  Chapati  Roll

6 QR

Omelette Chapati Roll

5 QR

Cheese & Jam Chapati Roll

3 QR

Chicken & Shakshuka Roll

5 QR

Plain Chapati

1 QR

Foul Chapati Roll

5 QR

Sweet Chapati

5 QR

Crispy Chicken Salad  

Crispy chicken bites,mix leaf and vegetables with sweet chili sauce

12 QR

Masala Fries

12 QR

Popcorn Chicken Bite

20 QR

Garlic Mayo Fries

12 QR

Curly Fries

10 QR

Cheesy Jalapeno Fries

Batter Fries Topped With Jalapeno And Cheese Sauce

16 QR

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