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Experience the world on your plate with Global Culture Cuisine, a culinary adventure curated to offer you a unique taste of culture. Delve into diverse global recipes, all crafted with passion at Global Culture Cuisine in Qatar. With Snoonu, ordering is effortless. Browse our extensive menu, discover outstanding deals, and relish in the delight of exotic tastes delivered straight to your doorstep. Embrace the culture with every bite. Order now with Snoonu, your gateway to culinary exploration!

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Gcc Chaat- Chatpata Chana Chaat

12 QR
Veg Steam Momos

15 QR
Veg Chilly Momos

16 QR
Paneer Chilly Momos

20 QR
Veg Momos Fried

15 QR
Paneer Steam Momos

16 QR
Paneer Fried Momo

17 QR
Tandoori Roti

1 QR
Garlic Naan

5 QR
Butter Tawa Roti

2 QR
Gobi Paratha

8 QR
Aloo Paratha

8 QR
Paneer Paratha

10 QR
Butter Naan

4 QR
Lachha Paratha

3 QR
Butter Tandoori Roti

2 QR
Malai Paneer Tikka

20 QR
Paneer Tikka

20 QR
Veg Malai Seekh Kabab

23 QR