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Indulge in a delightful culinary experience at Thalatheen, where delicious meets healthy. Our menu is carefully crafted to offer a wide range of nutritious options that cater to all tastes and dietary preferences. From fresh salads bursting with vibrant flavors to hearty grain bowls packed with wholesome ingredients, Thalatheen is your go-to destination for guilt-free indulgence.

Best Selling


Fusion Farinata

A modern twist on the qatari kabab. stacked cauliflower patties + cashew sour cream + ripe avocado + green peas + aromatic turmeric + whole cilantro + mint leaves + diced parsley + fresh green lime salad

44 QR
Nutty Pb Blondie

Sharing is caring. Chunky Chickpeas + Peanut butter + homemade Berry Jam + mylk chocolate + salted cashew icecream + Caramel sauce

55 QR
Proud Peanut Porridge

The perfect creamy post-workout companion. protein-rich oats + fragrant cardamom + sweet maple + house-made peanut butter + fresh banana + local dates

39 QR
Avocado On Sourdough

Our take on the famous avocado toast. avocado smash + beetroot hummus + cashew sour cream + regional dukkah + house-made sourdough slice

46 QR
The Exotic Hummus Bowl

Not your regular hummus. Chunky chickpeas + black gommasio + homemade coconut bacon + fresh coriander+ spicy paprika+ extra virgin olive oil + marinated sundried tomatoes

52 QR
Blooming Banana Bread

A desert bloom on a plate. house-made chia fruit compote + probiotic-rich coconut yogurt + roasted cinnamon almond butter

38 QR
Scrambled Chapati Wrap

reminds us of the traditional qatari baid & tomat. organic non-gmo tofu scramble + smokey paprika + infused house-made sunflower seed mayo + avocado smash + caramelized red peppers

39 QR
Fragrant Foul

High in plant based protein. Fava beans+ ground cumin+ extra virgin olive oil+ diced garlic+ juicy tomatoes+ freshcoriander+ homemade sour cream

28 QR
Amazing Acai Bowl

Art on a plate. feast your eyes on our sugar-free acai + mixed berries + house-made almond mylk + oatmeal cookie granola + beetroot infused coconut yoghurt

44 QR
Tuna Mayo Sandwich

Turmeric bread, Tuna mayo, Tomato, Green apple, Alfalfa sprout

42 QR
Falafel Pitta Sandwich

Made of homemade pitta bread, falafel vegetables, romaine lettuce, tomato, cucumber, hummus, sesame seed and tahini sauce.

42 QR
Lentil Soup

It is made of lentils, carrots, sour cream, organic hazelnuts, olive oil, and basmati brown rice.

33 QR
Pink Parmesan Pasta

Taste like your favorite arrabiata pasta. Penne pasta+ Fresh tomato sauce + homemade cream+ mushrooms + chive + cheesy parmesan +olives

58 QR
The Neat Burger

Like no other burger in town. beyond patty +house-made BBQ ketchup + sunflower seed mayo + pickled red onion + cheezy soy nacho sauce

47 QR
Super Caesar Salad

the classic, elevated. broccolini + kale + griddled ciabatta croutons + macadamia parmesan + coconut bacon + caesar dressing

42 QR
Balance Quinoa Salad

A mix of plant based protein, healthy fats and phytonutrients. Organic Quinoa + mix fresh veggies + cannellini beans + green dressing + turmeric infused cashews+ Refreshing cucumbers

62 QR
Wonderful Potato Wedges

baked potato + authentic zaatar + flavorsome garlic + local spices + house-made ketchup

25 QR
The White Truffle Pasta

A Creamy bowl of comfort. Penne pasta +Porcini mushrooms + homemade besciamel sauce + fragrant truffle

65 QR
Soothing Cauliflower Soup

creamy cauliflower + zesty lemon + toasted gomashio

33 QR