The Avocado House

Delivery time

43-48 Min


8.59 km

Working hours

OpenUntil 11:30 pm



Best Selling

60 QR

Miss Pizza

75 QR

Avo Salamango

48 QR

Sebastian Keto Cheese Cake


Healthy Biryani

Spices , Rice , Chicken Or Beef

55 QR

Taco Loco

Tacos Chicken, Red Kidney Beans, Pickled Cabbage, Lettuce, Guacamole, Red Salsa, Sour Cream, Chipotle Mayonnaise, Jalapeños, Coriander,Protein Chips

55 QR

Grilled Salmon

Salmon , Coriander, Spices . W Saffron Rice

75 QR

Miss Pizza

Pizza Dough W Beetroot, Sauce Pizza , Cheese ,

60 QR

Pasta Alfredo

Penne Pasta W Light Alfredo Sauce W Cheese

50 QR

Shish Taouk Wrap

Brown Tortilla , W Shish Taouk And Light Mayonnaise Home Made

38 QR

Spicy Butter Chicken

Chicken , Butter Sauce , Spices , Rice

65 QR

Veggie Breakfast Muffin

Egg , Bellpepper , Tomato , Spinach

50 QR

Loaded Chicken Bowl

Chicken Artichoke, Tomato Bellpepper , Avocado Spinach Raspberry Dressing

69 QR

Zaatar Chicken With Vegetabes

Chicken Veg Mint Yogurt

64 QR

Mushroom Pizza

Keto Dough , Sauce Cheese mushroom

65 QR

Italian Pizza

Keto Dough , Sauce , Pepperoni

68 QR

Salmon With Cream Spinach

Spinach Salmon Cream , Cheese

75 QR

Chicken Blessing

Chicken, spices, tomatoes

59 QR

Creamy Keto Chicken W Salsa

Chicken And Vegetable With Pesto Cream

65 QR

keto mhamara cheese

keto dough w mhamara w cheese

29 QR

keto mankoushe zaatar

keto dough with zaatar

22 QR

keto cheese mankousheh

keto dough with chesse

26 QR

Keto Muhammara Mankousheh

29 QR

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