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Welcome to The Breakfast Club, the ultimate breakfast destination in Doha, Qatar. We pride ourselves on being a unique and vibrant eatery, offering a delightful menu that will satisfy all your breakfast cravings. Indulge in our delectable offerings, carefully crafted to please every palate. From classic breakfast staples to innovative twists, our menu showcases a wide range of dishes made with only the freshest ingredients.

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The Toastie Box

Toastado-Cured & smoked beef crispy bacon over egg homemade thin hashbrowns, chedder cheese and honey mustered in a warm brioche loaf Sunrise-Homemade smoked turkey breast, over egg, cheddar cheese, light cheese, honey mustard and aioli sauce in a warm brioch bun Vermont-Hard cooked eggs, chopped chives mixed in honey mustard aioli sauce, layered with thinly slices fresh avocado and arugula in a warm brioch loaf Halloumi-dressed tomato Grilled homemade hallomi patty, pesto sauce and balsamic glaze dressed cheery tomato argula salad in a warm brioch loaf Bed Head-Scrambled egg with cured and smoked beef crispy bcon, chopped scallion, cheddar cheese, and ailo sauce in a warm brioch loaf Cheater Big sandwich-Fried egg, swiss cheese, cheddae cheese, maple bacon, arugula in brioch loaf

200 QR

Baked eggs with tomato paste, onion, chilis, olives oil and our special spices, servied with feta cheese and thyme bread

60 QR
Cool Gramma

Two pieces of corn waffles stuffed with melting cheese , scrambled eggs and mixed sweet peppers.

52 QR
White Omelet

Dieters choice of egg white omelet with mushrooms accompanied with salad leaves and our special fries.

49 QR
Turkish Eggs

Two poached eggs with our special labneh & sour cream sauce and our homemade special olive oil with sumac.

55 QR
Turkey Panini Sandwich

Smoked turkey breast, swiss emmental cheese, rocca, aioli sauce on panini bread with salad & our special fries.

50 QR
Lebanese Breakfast

Regional combination of scrambled halloumi cheese, tomato and zaatar powder served with arabic bread & salad.

50 QR
Full Indian Breakfast

Indian specialty scrambled eggs & spiced potatoes preparation served with indian flat bread accompanied by sweet mango chutney, deep fried boiled egg.

60 QR
Halloumi Club Sandwich

Our vegetarian selection of grilled halloumi cheese with rocca & tomato with zaatar and sumac in ciabatta bread served with salad and our special fries.

50 QR
Italian Frittata

Our special way of italian egg preparation with parmesan cheese, mozzarella cheese, layered potatoes served with creamy parmesan bacon sauce.

62 QR
Fried Egg Sandwich

Toasted ciabatta bread layered with smoked turkey breast, beef bacon, melted swiss cheese served with aioli sauce and our special fries.

55 QR
Eggs As You Like

Two eggs of your choice (omelet, scrambled, poached, fried, boiled) served with your choice of breakfast meat and crunchy hash brown.

50 QR
Egg 'N' Bun

Two fried egg served in a brioche bun with caramelized onion, beef bacon, cheese and our special sauce.

55 QR
The Club Sandwich

Two fried eggs with sliced turkey, cheddar cheese, rocca, red onion and our special strawberry sauce served with salad and our special potato chips.

55 QR
Potato Bowl

Our special way to present stuffed potato with baked egg, beef bacon and cheese garnish with fried thyme.

40 QR
The Big Sandwich

Our signature preparation with fried eggs, swiss cheese, cheddar cheese, maple bacon, arugula in brioche bread served with our special potato fries.

60 QR

Traditional kuwaiti famous balaleet infused with saffron and cardamom flavor, topped with fried eggs, accomplished with our special balaleet sauce.

60 QR
Shakshuka Sliders

Homemade shakshuka with feta cheese served in warm mini brioche buns.

42 QR
Avo Sandwich

Extra ordinary combination of healthy multi grain bread with guacamole spread, light cheese and scrambled egg white served with our special potato fries.

52 QR