The French Olive

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31-36 Min


2.62 km

Working hours

ClosedUntil 12:00 am



Best Selling

88 QR

Swiss Steak

58 QR

Braised Chicken

42 QR

Mushroom Risotto

38 QR

Risotto Limone

38 QR

Penne Arabiata


Manakish Cheese

Special Manakish dough, topped with Akawi cheese and, black seeds and baked in oven

16 QR

French Toast

Marinated brioche bread, caramelized seasonal fruits, _x000D_ anglaise sauce, salted caramel, topped with popcorn & pistachio

39 QR

Granola with Yoghurt

Homemade roasted Seeds Infused With Cinnamon ,Greek Yoghurt, _x000D_ Blueberry Compote, Dried Cranberries,Rosted Almond And Strawberry

39 QR


Eggs cooked In a special sauce based on tomatoes, cumin And Corriander, served with arabic bread

25 QR

English Breakfast

2 Eggs Any Style,Tomatoes Provence,Potato, Beef Bacon & Sausage,Baked Beans, Toast

39 QR

Pink Benedict

2 poached Eggs, guacamole on brioche bread, hollandaise sauce & beetroot hollandaise, roasted potatoes and green salad

44 QR


Breakfast cereal with milk, croissants, danish pastries, jam, honey and a mix of fruits

39 QR

Eggs Your Style

2 eggs any style,tomato provence, potato,_x000D_ side salad, toast.

25 QR

Manakish Halloumi Feta

Special manakeesh dough with halloumi cheese and feta baked in the oven

16 QR

Oriental Breakfast

2 eggs any style, grilled halloumi, labneh, fava beans, tomatoes, Arabic bread, cucumber, assortment of manakish.

39 QR


Fried Vermicelli served With Cardamon, _x000D_ Saffron And Sugar, Topped With Plain Omelet

25 QR

Manakish Zaatar

Special Manakish dough, Zaatar mixed with olive oil and baked in oven

12 QR

Turkey Benedict

2 poached eggs,sauteed spinach, smoked turkey, hollandaise sauce on Saffron Bun served with potato & green salad

44 QR

Pesto Hummus

Creamy chickpeas mixed with pesto sauce, served with crackers

24 QR

Feta Cheese Salad 

Cherry tomatoes, green peppers, cucumbers, onions, feta cheese and olives seasoned with lemon dressing, salt, pepper and oregano.

38 QR

Caprese Salad

Caprese salad is a simple Italian salad, made with fresh mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, beetroot and sweet basil, seasoned with salt, olive oil and pesto sauce.

48 QR


Meat balls, tomato sauce, served with potato confits & roasted baby carrots, pine nuts & parmesan

38 QR

Truffle Fries

French fries mixed with parmesan cheese, parsley and truffle oil

28 QR

Quinoa Salad

Fresh kale leaves, quinoa ,goat cheese, raspberry, pine seeds, cranberries, honey balsamic vinegrette

44 QR

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