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Introducing The Guilt Free Company - your guilt-free indulgence awaits! As Qatar's premier guilt-free cafe, we are dedicated to providing you with delicious and wholesome options that won't leave you feeling remorseful. With a menu filled with guilt-free delights, we offer a unique twist on your favorite dishes that are both healthy and satisfying. Our locally-sourced ingredients ensure that every bite is packed with freshness and flavor.


Gluten Free Bread 6 pcs

Gluten free flour -olive oil- salt -water

28 QR
Ricotta Toast

Gluten Free Toast , Ricotta Cheese, Honey, Pumpkin Seeds, Chia Seeds.

20 QR
The Guilt Free Breakfast

Gluten Free- Dairy Free

60 QR
The Guilt Free Speical Toast

Gluten Free Toast Bread,Eggplant,Garlic, Tahini,Fresh Parsley,Avocado,Cilantro,Jalapeno,Tomatoes

45 QR
Perfect Crepe

Gluten Free-Dairy Free - Contains Nuts

50 QR
Rainbow Pancake

Gluten Free-Dairy Free - Nuts Free - Vegetarian

55 QR
Trendy Rice Cake

Gluten Free- Contains Peanut- Vegan

20 QR
Hot Chocolate

Dark Chocolate,Vegan Dairy Free Whipped Cream, Lactose Free Milk

30 QR
Heart Beet

Espresso Capsule, Lactose Free Milk, Rose Water, Beetroot

28 QR
Flower Bomb

Earl Grey Tea, Lavender, Lactose Free Milk

22 QR

Ginger,Cinnamon,Lactose Free Milk

20 QR
Spirulina Latte

Espresso Capsule,Lactose Free Milk, Almond Milk,Spirulina, Cinnamon

30 QR
Caffe Latte

Ristretto, Lactose Free Milk, Almond Milk

25 QR

Espresso,Lactose Free Milk, Almonds Milk

27 QR
Matcha Cappuccino

Matcha , Almond Milk, Lactose Free Milk

32 QR
Cinnamon Cappuccino

Cinnamon, Espresso, Lactose Free Milk, Almonds Milk

30 QR
Spanish Latte

Espresso, Lactose Free Milk, Almonds Milk, Lactose Free Condensed Milk

30 QR


20 QR
Espresso Macchiato

22 QR