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Happy Forest Tea

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Cheesy Mussles


Fried Eggs

Served Over Wheat Tortillas, Refried Black Beans With Sliced Avocado, Salsa Brava And Sweet Potato Sticks

57 QR


Homemade Brioche Stuffed With Caramelized Coconut & Mozzarella Di Buffala Cheese, Fried And Topped With Caramel Sauce And Roasted Pistachios

47 QR

Turkish Egg

Poached Eggs Served With Our Dairy Special Cream Sprinkled With Buttered Smoked Paprika, Chili, Fresh Herbs, And Pita Bread On The Side.

53 QR


Our Signature Shakshula Made Of Eggs, Salsa Brava, Topped With 3 Different Cheeses And Fresh Coriander Served With Pita Bread

59 QR

Cheesy Egg Sandwich

Stuffed Bun With Scrambled Eggs And Special Flamed Cheesy Sauce, Topped With Chips And Micro Herbs.

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Egg Benedicts

Served Over Homemade Fresh Bread And Covered With Bearnaise Sauce, Sided With Avocado, Spinach Salad, Cheese Sticks, Cherry Tomatoes, And Beef Bresaola

57 QR


Greek Youghurt And Acai Berry Covered With Granola Mix, Nuts And Seed With Strawberry And Blackberries On Top And Covered With Honey

45 QR

Grilled Eggplant Salad

Grilled Eggplant, Mixed With Red & Green Chard, Baby Spinach And Sundried Tomato, Dressed With Lemon Thyme Oil, And Topped With Mixed Nuts & Herbs

36 QR

Baba Ghanoush

Dip Made From Mixing Grilled Eggplant And Vegetables For A Healty Smoky Taste And Sided With Pita Bread

31 QR

Cheesy Mussles

Sauted Jumbo Muscles And Shrimps In Our Special Creamy Sauce And Topped With White Cheddar

61 QR

Twisted Dolma

Greek Version Of Hot Grape Leaves Stuffed With Rice And Marinated Lamp Sided With The House Tsaziki Sauce

39 QR

Creamy Hummus With Kawarmaa

Hummus With Kawarma, Served With Pita Bread On The Side

39 QR

Norwegian Smoked Salmon Sandwich

Home Made Crust Bread With Avocado Diced, Orange Pulps, Inbedded On Baby Rocca And Tartar Sauce Topped With Dill And Capers

77 QR

Mix Cheddar Cheese Sandwich

The House Campagnia Bread Stuffed With Melted Mix White And Yellow Cheddar Cheesy Tappenade Spread And Topped With Parmesan Sided With Truffle Fries And House Slaw

47 QR

Black Angus Cheeseburger

Home Made Bun With Black Angus Beef Patty Grilled Topped With Beef Bacon Stuffed In Cheese And Our Special Cheddar Sauce And Sided With Truffle Fries

86 QR

Pulled Brisket Sandwich

Home Made Tiger Bread Filled With Pulled Beef Brisket Topped With French Cheese And Tartar Sauce Sided With Truffle Fries

87 QR

Portobello Mushroom Sandwich

Our Homemade Campagna Bread Topped With Black Truffle Olives Spread And A Mix Of Portobello Mushroom, Shimeji, And Button Mushrooms

63 QR

North Italian Chicken Risotto

Risotto Style Dish With Mix Mushroom Truffle And Marinated Chicken

93 QR

Lamb Biryani

Our Signature Rice Mix With Marinated Lamb Topped With Herbs Cashew Nuts Covered In A Dough And Sided With Our Special Biryani And Raita Sauce

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