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Best Selling

45 QR

Lemon Custard Pancake

40 QR

Cherry & Fig Granola

48 QR

Mushroom & Cheese Sandwich With Scrambled Eggs

65 QR

Creamy Grilled Delight



Single shot fresh espresso steamed with milk foam Serving size 200 ml

26 QR


20 QR


Double shot steamed espresso, milk with very light foam. Serving size 120 ml

24 QR

Flat White

Double shot steamed espresso, fresh milk foam, serving size 200 ml

26 QR


Double shot of espresso with hot water, serving size 200 ml

20 QR

Café Latte

Espresso shot, fresh steamed frothy milk. Serving size 200 ml

26 QR

Créme Americano

Double shot of espresso, water, cream and 1 coffee on top, serving size 280 ml

26 QR


A special shot of espresso. Serving Size 23 ml

14 QR

Crème Toffee

Double shot espresso, fresh steamed milk, hazelnut syrup, cream and oreo crumbs on top, serving size 200 ml.

34 QR

Double Espresso

Double shot espresso cup. Serving Size 36ml

18 QR

Peach And Burata Salad

Fresh burrata cheese with chili jam, fresh basil sauce, sweet and spicy sauce, fresh basil leaves and olive oil

48 QR

Chocolate Hazelnut Loaf

35 QR

Pistachio Cookies

25 QR

Crumble Loaf

30 QR

Hazelnut Cake

35 QR

Cherry & Fig Granola

Honey baked cherries with our specialty yoghurt and granola. Serving size is 120 grams.

40 QR

Honey Peach Granola

Baked peaches with honey with our special yoghurt and granola. Serving size is 120 grams.

40 QR

Smoked Turkey & Raspberry Jam Sandwich

Smoked turkey with chipotle berry jam, melted cheese on sourdough bread with baby arugula leaves. Serving size is 100 grams.

40 QR

Sunny Side Up

Sunny side up eggs served on a toasted bread, with dried beef, smoked turkey, grilled halloumi slices, and fresh chives

43 QR

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