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Looking for a luxurious dining experience in Qatar? Look no further than The Ritz Hospitality. Enjoy our sumptuous dishes from the comfort of your own home with Snoonu's fast and reliable delivery service. Don't wait - order now and indulge in the ultimate culinary experience!

Best Selling


Jozya Al Ritz

Goulash chips stuffed with pecans, dates and our special mixture, covered with pistachios.

350 QR
Nagsa Box

A luxurious wooden tray with an acrylic cover containing ten kinds of the best-selling Ritz sweets

580 QR
Ritz Chocolate

32 pcs of salty biscuit with a rich flavored caramel topped with pecan nuts and coated with a sweet belgian chocolate.

220 QR
Crazy Chocolate

Mixture of chocolate feuilletine,caramel, nuts and belgian chocolate

220 QR
Peanut Butter Bites

Peanut and belgian chocolate flavored mix with a special mixture (60 pieces)

180 QR
Zwara Box Big

8 kinds of the special ritz desserts (jawzya , pecan , pint butter , petitfour caramel walnut , rangina , ritz bites , pistachio bites , magic bar)

380 QR
Mini Tubes

Mini tubes sweet with 2 flavors chocolate and pistachio

200 QR
Pistachio Crunchy

A mixture of pistachio pieces, feutin chips, a special mixture and pistachio sauce covered with belgian white chocolate (56 pieces).

225 QR
Zwara Box Medium

6 kinds of the special ritz desserts (jawzya , petitfour caramel and walnut , rangena , ritz bites , pistachio bites , magic bar)

280 QR
Ain Al Jamal With Nutella

250 QR
Ritz petfour

40 pieces of crispy pitafour stuffed with Nutella and covered with Belgian chocolate.

220 QR
Kanabi Sandwiches

41 kanabi sandwiches with 6 different filling(tuna,foul,halloumi cheese,spinach,mortadella with cheese)

260 QR
Rose Sandwiches Box

30 sandwiches in the shape of a flower with three colors of tortilla bread and with three fillings (mix cheese and thyme,labneh and olives,falafel)

270 QR
Salty Tart

40 pieces of salty tart that filled with 5 differt filling(kibbeh,hummus,pizza, labneh,zaatar with cheese)

250 QR
Mix Magaly

8 kinds of fresh fries 60 pieces(meat kibbeh,indian sambosa ,mix cheese sambosa covered with zaatar,vegetables spring roll,cheese sambosa, arooq bread, vine leaves sambosa,chicken rolls)

300 QR
Grapes Leaves

Vine leaves cooked with pomegranate sauce and olive oil.(60 pieces)

220 QR
Musakhan 60 Pieces

Musakhan rolls with tahini sauce, sumac and crunchy onions

220 QR
Mix Grapes & Musakhan

Mix of vine leaves and musakhan rolls 60 pieces

220 QR
Eggplant Fata Salad

A mixture of tomato sauce cooked with delicious spices with crispy bread and fried eggplant pieces topped with yogurt sauce, nuts and pomegranate.

140 QR