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Discover a culinary experience like no other at The Yard. Located in the vibrant city of Doha, Qatar, The Yard stands out as a unique dining destination. With a diverse menu inspired by international flavors, our restaurant offers a delightful array of dishes that will satisfy any palate. At The Yard, we pride ourselves on our commitment to quality and freshness. We source locally-sourced ingredients to create dishes that are not only delicious but also sustainable.

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Egg Bhurji With Paratha

Fluffy scrambled eggs cooked with aromatic spices, potato crisps & cheese, crispy wheat paratha.

45 QR
Dukkhah avo toast

Guacamole, Dukkah, Whipped Sun-dried tomato, feta, Microgreens, Alpha alpha sprouts, Sourdough, Olive oil.

46 QR
Granola bowl

Granola, Greek Yogurt, Roasted peaches, Blackberries, Honey.

48 QR
The Yard breakfast

Egg, Truffle potato hash, sourdough, Avocado, Roasted cherry tomato, Seared mushrooms

55 QR

Poached Eggs, Tomato capsicum marinara, Crumbled Feta, Avocado lime sour scream, Toasted Bread

48 QR
Truffle egg toast

Brioche bread, cream cheese ,soft scrambled egg, truffle slice, micro greens.

56 QR
Acai bowl

Acai, Apple Juice, Granola, Banana, Strawberries, Red currants, Almond butter, Shredded coconut

58 QR
Burrata egg bagel

Burrata, Fried Egg, Mixed greens, Truffle salt, Avocado, Pesto, Simit Bagel, Garlic butter, Olive oil,

55 QR
Potato Cheddar Soup

Flavored Creamy Potato Soup, Broccoli, Carrot, Cheddar, Parmesan Custard, Microgreen.

38 QR
Wild Mushroom Soup

Creamy mushroom soup, crispy garlic bread, wild mushroom.

42 QR
Kale Salad

Chopped Kale, Brioche Croutons, Roasted carrots, roasted cherry tomatoes, sweet lemon vinaigrette, Crushed roasted walnuts, Feta Cheese, Pomegranate.

48 QR
Croquette Salad

Goat Cheese Croquettes, Fig Compote, Chili Honey, Mixed Greens

48 QR
Mix Green Feta Salad

Mix green lettuce, Fried breaded feta cheese, pomegranate seeds, granny smith apple, tossed with orange pistachio vinaigrette

48 QR
Caesar Salad

Iceberg lettuce, Caesar dressing, Herb walnut crumb, Parmesan, Pesto vinaigrette

45 QR
Burratta And Grilled Peach Salad

Burrata , rocket leaves, grilled peach ,cherry tomato with honey balsamic dressing.

58 QR
Cheese & Lavender Honey Calzone

Stuffed pie, Three cheeses blind, jalapenos, pine nuts, lavender honey, sesame seeds, fresh oregano

49 QR
Falafel Tacos

Tahini Greek yogurt, Pomegranate, Pomegranate molasses, Arugula, Lemon vinaigrette, Chili tahini yogurt, Naan

32 QR
Grilled Cheese Naan

Naan Bread, Garlic bread butter, Gouda Cheese, Monterey Jack Cheese, Kashkaval Cheese

42 QR
Burrata Zaatar flatbread

Naan Dough, Zaatar oil, Arugula, Mint, Sumac, Roasted Cherry Tomato, Burrata, Pomegranate Molasses.

53 QR