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Discover the authentic, mouthwatering flavors of Thira Kitchen, your go-to destination for exceptional cuisine. With Snoonus swift delivery service, you can feast on Thira Kitchen�s delectable menu right at your doorstep. Our commitment is to serve you the finest dishes, packed with taste and tradition. Experience the unique culinary journey that Thira Kitchen has to offer, all from the comfort of your home. Don�t wait, let Snoonu bring Thira Kitchens unforgettable gastronomic delights to you.

Best Selling


Chicken Baked Pasta

Conchiglioni Pasta Stuffed With Chicken and Vegetable With A Special Sauce

40 QR
Rice And Chicken Signature

Dill rice with chicken and special Sauce on top, some crispy onion

45 QR
Meat Baked Pasta

Conchiglioni Pasta Stuffed With Meat and Vegetable With A Special Sauce

41 QR
Fatteh Rice With Chicken & Eggplant

Egyptian rice with eggplant and rice on top with some crispy onion, a yogurt sauce on the side, and breadcrumbs

44 QR
Pina Colada

12 QR
Kinza Lemon 250 ML

5 QR
Kinza Citrus 250 ML

5 QR