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Experience the vibrant flavors of Mexico at 3 Amigos, the ultimate destination for authentic Mexican cuisine in Qatar. With multiple locations across Doha, we are committed to delivering a memorable dining experience that will transport you to the heart of Mexico. At 3 Amigos, we take pride in our unique menu, carefully crafted to satisfy all taste buds. Indulge in our signature dishes, bursting with rich flavors and high-quality ingredients.

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Beef Soft Taco

39 QR
Chicken Soft Taco

38 QR
Shrimp Crispy Taco

2 Pieces Corn Tortilla,Cheddar Cheese Yellow,White Cheddar Cheese 160 G Shrimp,Ranch Sauce,Chopped Tomato,Chopped Onion,Salsa Picante,Guacamole

41 QR
Beef Crispy Taco

2 pcs corn tortilla,cheddar cheese yellow,white cheddar cheese 120 gram cooked beef meat,ranch sauce,chopped tomato,chopped onion,salsa picante,guacamole

39 QR
Chicken Crispy Taco

2 Pcs Corn Tortilla,Cheddar Cheese Yellow,White Cheddar Cheese 120 Gram Grilled Chicken,Ranch Sauce,Chopped Tomato,Chopped Onion,Salsa Picante,Guacamole

38 QR
Biriya Taco

150 g angus beef,corn tortilla,cheddar cheese yellow,white cheddar cheese

36 QR
Soft Shrimp Taco

2pcs flour tortilla,160 gm shrimp, chopped tomato, chopped onion, yellow cheddar cheese ,white cheddar cheese, ranch sauce, salsa picante and guacamole

41 QR
Big bite Taco

39 QR
Buffalo Soft Taco

36 QR
Buffallo Crispy Taco

34 QR
Taco Box 7 Pieces

140 QR
Chicken Burrito

2 Pcs 9 Inches Flour Tortilla, 50 Grams Rice,50 Grams Chicken ,40 Gram Guacamole,30 Gram Meat Sauce,30 Gram Chopped Lettuce,Ranch Sauce

36 QR
Burrito Beef

39 QR
Mexican Burger

1 piece sesame bun, Angus beef, biriyani meat ,American cheese, guacamole, onion, tomato salsa

39 QR
Chicken Quesadilla

1 Pc 9 Inch Tortilla Wrap, Yellow Cheddar Cheese,White Cheddar Cheese,Ranch Sauce,Chopped Capcicum,100 Gram Grilled Chicken Breast

36 QR
Beef Quesadilla

1 pc 9 inch tortilla wrap, yellow cheddar cheese,white cheddar cheese,ranch sauce,chopped capcicum,100 gram grilled cooked beef meat

38 QR
Quesadilla Birria

37 QR
Chili Con Fries

250 gram belgian fries,queso cheese sauce,70 gram chili con carne,chopped capsicum

29 QR

200 g corn nachos,queso cheese sauce,60 gram chili con karne,chopped capcicum,chopped onion,chopped tomato

27 QR