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Best Selling

110 QR

Steak Rosmarino

72 QR

T Burger

96 QR

Sous Vide Short Ribs Risotto


El Funghi

Cream of mushroom soup served with sautéed mushrooms.

43 QR

Pomodoro Soup

Freshly cooked tomato soup, served with basil and croutons.

41 QR

The Bowl

A medley of super golden vegetables with tahina and agave dressing

59 QR

Crevettes Insalata

Grilled Glazed shrimp salad, layered with crispy dough, mixed leaves and white ranch sauce, Topped with Parmesan, avocado mix, crushed spicy nuts and glazed grilled shrimps

69 QR

Citrus Quinoa Insalata

A medley of quinoa, goat cheese, and market-fresh cherry tomatoes coated with a light citrus dressing.

58 QR

Salata Caesar

Iceberg and Romaine lettuce salad mixed with Parmesan shavings, croûtons, and Caesar dressing.

49 QR

Burrata Insalata

Buratta salad with confit cherry tomato, pesto and rocket leaves.

95 QR

D'oro Corn

Paprika grilled corn pops, topped with ranch sauce and parmesan cheese.

49 QR

Parmenjana Casarola

A casserole serving of layered aubergine and provolone cheese, topped with creamy tomato sauce.

55 QR

Oregano Fries

Potato fries encrusted in a homemade Parmesan-oregano mixture with a paprika dipping sauce on the side.

28 QR


Mixed cheese ball stuffed with jalapeño and drizzled with spicy mayo sauce.

49 QR

Sous Vide Short Ribs Risotto

24 hour Sous Vide cooked short ribs risotto topped with microgreens.

96 QR

Carne Pasto

Thin sliced grilled beef served with rich BBQ sauce and mountained with blue and sweet potato chips.

70 QR

Steak Rosmarino

Tenderloin steak mounted with appealing creamy balsamic rosemary sauce and scattered grilled mushrooms.

110 QR

T Burger

Double premium wagyu burger with truffle mayo, tomato jam and pickles in a brioche bun.

72 QR

Porchini Rissotto

A delicate grilled chicken topped with a coating of creamy porcini sauce and cradled in a portion of saffron risotto.

83 QR

Seabass Risotto

Citrus Risotto topped with miso grilled sea bass.

89 QR


Grilled salmon fillet in our lemon butter sauce.

85 QR

El Calamari

Parmesan breaded calamari bites, layered with crispy beet cubes and fried potatoes. Topped with a aioli sauce.

55 QR

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