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Sink your teeth into juicy burgers and other delicious sandwiches and sides from Trend, available for delivery through Snoonu's fast and reliable service. Explore their full menu and place your order now.

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Dynamite Shrimps

Golden-Fried Shrimp Tossed In A Delectable Sweet And Spicy Mayo Dressing For A Crispy Delight.

40 QR
Shrimps Popcorn

Indulge In Our Homemade Popcorn Shrimps, Delicately Coated In A Tantalizing Blend Of Mayonnaise And Sriracha Sauce For A Flavorful Twist.

40 QR
Buffalo Chicken Strips

Savor The Crispy Perfection Of Our Fried Chicken Strips, Generously Coated In Zesty Buffalo Hot Sauce, And Accompanied By A Side Of Creamy Ranch Sauce For A Delightful Taste Experience.

35 QR
Corn Ribs

Experience The Unique Delight Of Our Corn Ribs, Crafted By Quartering Whole Cobs, Seasoned To Perfection, And Expertly Baked Air-Fried. Elevate The Experience By Dipping These Delectable Ribs Into Our Luscious Smoky Dip.

25 QR
Fried Corn

Savor Our Delightful Fried Corn Crafted From Fresh Kernels, Striking The Perfect Balance Between Sweetness And Savory Flavor.

25 QR
Crispy Fries

Indulge In Our Delicious Golden Fries – Irresistibly Crunchy, Crispy, And Bursting With Flavour.

15 QR
Breakroom Fries

Satisfy Your Cravings With Our Breakroom Fries—Crispy And Golden, Served With A Delectable Combination Of Pepper Sauce, Cheese Sauce And Jalapeños For A Delightful Snacking Experience.

25 QR
Buffalo Chicken Burger

Delight In Our Buffalo Chicken Burger, A Tantalizing Fusion Of Juicy, Tender Chicken Breast Infused With Buffalo Sauce And Adorned With Melted Cheese For A Flavor-Packed Experience

35 QR
Classic Chicken Burger

Savour The Timeless Taste Of Our Classic Chicken Burger—Featuring A Seasoned Chicken Patty, Topped With Crisp Lettuce, And Drizzled With Creamy Mayo, All Nestled In A Toasted Bun For A Delicious Bite.

28 QR
Trend Flat Chicken Burger

flat burger bun, crispy chicken,sriracha mayo,Ranch sauce and cheese slice

26 QR
Trend Flat Beef Burger

Flat burger bun, coffee rub beef Patty,pepper sauce ,Ranch sauce and cheese slice

26 QR
Trend Beef Burger

Satisfy Your Beef Cravings With Trend'S Beef Burger—An Absolute Delight Featuring A Juicy Beef Patty, A Layer Of Melted Cheese, And Our Chef'S Special Sauce For An Irresistible Culinary Experience.

35 QR
Classic Beef Burger

Enjoy Our Classic Beef Burger, Featuring A Grilled Tender Beef Patty Crowned With Luscious American Cheese, All Complemented By Our Chef'S Special Sauce.

30 QR
Chicken Roll 3 pieces

Savor The Goodness Of Our Chicken Roll Trio, Featuring Three Pieces Of Chicken Marinated In A Flavorful Blend Of Herbs And Cream

35 QR
Lobster Roll 3 pieces

Indulge In Our Lobster Roll Trio—Succulent, Juicy Lobster Delicately Coated In A Rich And Creamy Sauce, Perfectly Paired With Soft Joint Bread For A Delightful Experience

45 QR
Mac and Cheese

Indulge In Our Mac 'N Cheese, A Perfect Harmony Of Cheddar And Mozzarella Cheeses That Promises An Extra Crunch And A Burst Of Flavor In Every Delightful Bite.

35 QR
Mac and Cheese With Cheetos

Experience The Perfect Fusion Of Cheddar Cheese And The Iconic Crunch Of Cheetos On Top With Our Mac 'N Cheese—Creating A Harmonious Blend That Takes This Classic Dish To A Whole New Level.

35 QR
Zaatar & Labneh Pizza

We Start With A Traditional Experience The FlavoUrs Of The Mediterranean With Our Zaatar & Labneh Pizza—Featuring A Traditional Crust Topped With A Luscious Spread Of Labneh And Zaatar

25 QR
Zaatar Pizza

Delight In The Savory Goodness Of Our Zaatar Pizza, A Perfect Blend Of Traditional Flavors On A Crisp And Satisfying Crust.

20 QR