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Delight in the magic of healthy convenience with Two Calorie! Our menu is meticulously crafted to keep your taste buds satisfied, all while staying within the realm of two calorie meals. Experience the burst of pomegranate calories, perfectly balanced for your wellness needs. Our tacos and tortilla wraps come in eco-friendly taco takeaway packaging and tortilla wrap packaging, ensuring your food stays fresh and environmentally-friendly.

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American Egg Sandwich

Double Whole Grain Toast with Scrambled Eggs, Low-Fat MOZzarella Cheese, Pico de Gallo Sauce calories:265 fat:9.50 carb:28 protein:17

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Truffle Egg Sandwich

Scrambled Egg Sandwich with Philadelphia Cheese, Tamarind Paste, and Mushrooms, served with Light Tamarind Mayo Sauce on Whole-grain and Tangy Bread calories:417 fat:16 carb:45 protein:22

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Egg Benedict Sandwich

Open-faced Egg Benedict Sandwich with Mashed Avocado and Light Mustard-Mayo Sauce on a Whole-grain and Tangy Bread calories:240 fat:16.16 carb:16.16 protein:3.29

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Greek Yogurt Granola

Greek Yogurt with Homemade Granola, Mango Coulis, Fresh Berries, and Honey calorie:185 fat:6 carb:22 protein:11

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Beef Shawarma

Pan-grilled Bread with Marinated Tenderloin Beef, Tahini Sauce, Pickles, Lettuce with Crunchy Sumac Sauce calories:606 fat:39.10 carb:25 protein:39.30

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Chicken Shawarma

Pan-grilled Bread and Marinated Chicken Shawarma Breast, Garlic Tartar Sauce, Pickles, Lettuce with Crunchy Sumac Sauce calories:430 fat:9.20 carb:45 protein:38.60

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Tuna Sandwich

Double Whole Grain Toast, Seasoned White Tuna, Pickles, Lettuce, Mashed Avocado, Pomegranate calories:280 fat:8 carb:33 protein:20

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Chicken Club Sandwich

Double Whole Grain Toast, Seasoned And Boiled Shredded Chicken, Lettuce, Light Tartar Sauce, Pickles Calorie;700 Fat: 36 Carb: 71 Protein: 50

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Fajita Shrimp Wrap

Fajita shrimp wrap calorie: 464 protein:37.33 carb:64.29 fat:5.47

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Beef Steak With Mushroom Sauce

Steak Beef With Mushroom Sauce And Mashed Potato Calorie: 409 Carb: 26 Fat: 15.6 Protein: 37.6

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Fajita Beef Wrap

Fajita beef wrap with wedges potato calorie:546 protein;46 fat:36 carb:46

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Broccoli Truffle Pizza

Broccoli Pizza Dough topped with Kale and Mushrooms, White Sauce, Cheese

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Broccoli Margarita Pizza

Broccoli Pizza Dough topped with Cheese, Pomodoro Sauce, Olives, Basil Leaves

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Broccoli Vegetarian Pizza

Broccoli Pizza Dough topped with Cheese, Zucchini, Eggplant, Pine Nuts, Cherry Tomatoes, Pesto Sauce

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Broccoli Chicken Pizza

Broccoli pizza dough, shredded chicken, white sauce, cheese, pomegranate seeds

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Truffle Pizza

Multigrain pizza topped with Kale and Mushrooms, White Sauce, Cheese

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Margarita Pizza

Multigrain pizza , Cheese, Pomodoro Sauce, Basil Leaves

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Chicken Pizza

Multigrain pizza chicken breast , black olives, onion , low fat mozzarella .

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Chicken Risotto

Rosy Mushroom Sauce with Chicken, Parmesan Cheese, and Black Rice calories:788 fat:24 carb:75 protein:68

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