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BYO Beef

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BYO Salmon


U1000 Weightloss Daily Mealplan

Our fatloss focused low calorie mealplan is filled up with a range of healthy dietary meals to help you lose weight without compromising taste.

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U1300 Glow Daily Meal Plan

We have combined protein sources with whole grains and fresh vegetables to provide nutritionally balanced meals, these superfood combos will make your skin glow.

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U1700 Energizer Daily Meal Plan

Our Energizer meal plan ensures that you have the energy you need at the time you need to maximize your ability, activity, and recovery. It will provide you all the ideal macros (protein, carbs, fat) and micros (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants) you need to power through your routine.

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U2100 Powerup Daily Meal Plan

This mealplan is a fuel for performance with the perfect balance of protein, fats, and carbs. It is athe one to charge your activity level and boost your lifestyle.

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Early Bird

Start your day off right! Choose from our healthy breakfast options to energize you for the morning

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The U500 Mexican Meal

Have a fiesta day! Enjoy our selection of healthy latino dishes

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Mediterranian Meal

Enjoy a wide range from our mediterranean dishes served with desserts and smoothies

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The Mediterranean for 2

Have a healthy mediterranean feast with our signature dishes served with desserts and smoothies

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The U500 Classic for 2

Try our classic and signature dishes served with desserts, and drinks

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Avocado Smash

Toasted sourdough bread,smothered with delicious avocado and feta smash on scrambled egg. Cal:495, Carbs:25, Protein:29, Fats:30

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Classic Acai Bowl

Our basic Acai - for those who want the simple toppings of pomegranate , blueberries, raspberries, granola, coconut with pumpkin seeds & chia seeds.Kcal: 337, Carbs:46, Protein: 7, Fats: 15

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Chocolate Raspberry Acai Bowl

A heavenly sweet flavour profile, designed to be the combine the pleasure of both worlds - 70% pure chocolate and Nutella mixed with raspberries alongside chia seeds and coconut. Kcal: 368, Carbs:47, Protien: 5, Fats: 18

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Rainbow Acai Bowl

An all inclusive bowl for all people with all tastes to celebrate Acai-It has kiwi, pomegranate, blueberries, banana, pineapple, peach, chia seeds & cocoa nibs. Kcal: 252, Carbs: 41, Protien: 4, Fats: 8

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BYO Beef

Build your own meat bowl with your choice of meat, carbs, vegetables and our signature sauce.

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BYO Salmon

Build your own salmon bowl with your choice of salmon, carbs, vegetables and our signature sauce.

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Vegan Jambalaya (V)

A slow cooked,sweet and smoky vegetable cassoulet in a Louisiana style creole sauce,served with wilted spinach. Cal: 365, Carbs:63, Protein:15, Fats:5

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Legit Beef Burrito Wrap

Tex Mex spice rubbed roast lean beef striploin cubes, served rolled in a multigrain tortilla with to refried beans, sweet corn salsa, tomato rice, guacamole & baby spinach. Cal: 447, Protein: 22, Fats: 17, Carbs: 51

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Sweet Potato Wedges

Sauteed sweet potato wedges seasoned with a pinch of garlic and rosemary. Cal:326, Carbs:62, Protein:5, Fats:5

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Aduki Beans and Quinoa Salad

Organic aduki beans, cherry tomatoes, fresh kale, avocado, coriander and quinoa with olive oil and toasted cumin segments. Cal:246, Carbs:46, Protein:6, Fats:8

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