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Are you looking for delicious and nutritious meals that won't compromise your calorie intake? Look no further than Under500 - Healthy Calories! Our unique concept focuses on providing meals that are under 500 calories, perfect for those who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle without sacrificing flavor. At Under500, we pride ourselves on our commitment to using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients to create meals that are not only low in calories but also packed with nutrients.

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Chicken Pesto Pasta

Fusilli protein pasta with grilled organic chicken tossed in our delicious signature pesto sauce topped with fresh basil leaves. Cal:497, Carbs:36, Protein:30, Fats: 25

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Tex Mex Bounty Bowl

Lip smacking cajun spice & sun dried tomato marinated grilled chicken breast cubes, caramelized corn & tomato rice, tomato salsa, refried beans & guacamole round of this bowl of good food. Cal: 436, Protien: 30, Fats: 21, Carbs: 25

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Super Burrito Breakfast

Cal: 514.3 P:28.3g F:29.91g C:33.3g Scrambled eggs, chili con carne, red cheddar, basil avocado mash, and spinach, wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla.

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Steak and Eggs

Delicious, lean and marinated beef striploin served on three whole scrambled eggs. Cal:497, Carbs:6, Protein:46, Fats:30

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Avocado Smash

Toasted sourdough bread,smothered with delicious avocado and feta smash on scrambled egg. Cal:495, Carbs:25, Protein:29, Fats:30

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Power Oatmeal

Cal: 154 Prot: 7g Fat: 3g Carbs: 27g Oats mixed with low fat milk served with honey on the side.

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Build Your Own Acai Bowl

Choose any base with 2 toppings

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Chocolate Raspberry Acai Bowl

A heavenly sweet flavour profile, designed to be the combine the pleasure of both worlds - 70% pure chocolate and Nutella mixed with raspberries alongside chia seeds and coconut. Kcal: 368, Carbs:47, Protien: 5, Fats: 18

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Our basic Acai - for those who want the simple toppings of pomegranate , blueberries, raspberries, granola, coconut with pumpkin seeds & chia seeds.Kcal: 337, Carbs:46, Protein: 7, Fats: 15

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Rainbow Acai Bowl

An all inclusive bowl for all people with all tastes to celebrate Acai-It has kiwi, pomegranate, blueberries, banana, pineapple, peach, chia seeds & cocoa nibs. Kcal: 252, Carbs: 41, Protien: 4, Fats: 8

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Spicy Tuna Sandwich

Cal: 440 F: 14 C: 45 P: 28 Spiced Tuna and green apple sour dough toasted with, capers, fresh pepper corns, capers, cornichons and avocado

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Tawook Wellness Bowl

Succulent pieces of chicken breast marinated in yogurt & tawook spices, served with luscious chipotle scented carrot hummus, jewelled quinoa tabbouleh, slow roasted tomatoes & our house savory granola. Cal: 435, Protien: 32, Fats: 22, Carbs: 26

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Greek Chicken Quinoa Bowl

Marinated and grilled chicken breast with classic greek salad of cucumber,tomato,onion,kalamata olives,feta,quinoa,dressed with our unique greek sauce. Cal:497, Carbs:27, Protein:25, Fat:30

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Texan Chilli Bowl

Perfectly Spiced Slow-cooked lean beef mince and red kidney bean stew, finished with chopped cilantro, Served with braised wild rice and light sour cream. Cal:407, Carbs:24, Protein:17, Fats:14

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Honey Mustard Salmon Bowl

Pan-roasted salmon fillet,kale, quinoa,pomegranate, avocado and honey mustard dressing. Cal: 470, Carbs: 29, Protein: 29, Fats: 28

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Best Ever Thai Red Chicken Curry

Red Curry Spice Marinated Grilled Chicken Breast Cubes Served In Fragrant Red Curry Sauce With Coconut Rice & Thai Cucumber Salad In Peanut Dressing. Cal: 483, Protein: 34, Fats: 18, Carbs: 47

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Guiltfree Butter Chicken

The one and only Under 500 Butter Chicken! Grilled Tandori Spice Marinated Chicken Breast Morsels In Velvety Makhni Sauce Served With Jeera Rice & Cucumber,Tomato Salad. Cal:498, Carbs:40, Protein:32, Fats:23

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Chicken Mushroom with Mashed Potatoes

Tender chunks of chicken marinated in our signature 500 sauce,crushed sweet potato and steamed broccoli,served with our signature dressing and toasted sesame seeds. Cal: 496, Carbs: 48, Protein: 30, Fats: 20

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Steak Mushroom Rice

Juicy lean striploin beef with fresh asparagus and mushroom brown rice,topped with a hint of toasted almonds,and sprinkle of sesame seeds. Cal:470, Carbs:43, Protein:27, Fats:22

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