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Try Usha Freshka! a restaurant situated in Qatar and offers a variety of Desserts, Beverages, Cafe that is delivered throughout Al Dafna, Al Egla, Al Jebailat, Al Khuwair and Al Qassar municipalities in Qatar. Although they provide a variety of dishes and meals to pick from. Users have rated the restaurant with a 4.5 and reviewed it 730 times. Order now and enjoy fast delivery with Snoonu within Optimum Time.

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A Mixture Of Strawberry And Banana With Fresh Milk

21 QR
Amba Frshka

Mango juice

17 QR
Fraula Frshka

Strawberry juice

17 QR
Pineapple Frshka

Pineapple juice

17 QR
Watermelon Frshka

Watermelon juice

17 QR
Melon Frshka

Melon juice

17 QR
Strawla Frshka

Strawberry, banana mix

21 QR
Kiwi Frshka

Kiwi juice

17 QR
Apple Frshka

Apple juice

14 QR
Mix Frshka

Juice Cocktail Mix

23 QR
Minted Lemonade

Lemon And Mint

14 QR
Orange Frshka

Orange Juice

14 QR
U'Sha Box

13 Bottle Of Juice

150 QR
Red Bull Box

13 Bottle Of Mojito Red Bull

220 QR
Three Packs Cocktail

Orange with pineapple and kiwi

21 QR
Vita Fruit Cocktail

Strawberry with amba, mint, banana, almond, pistachios and honey

21 QR
Pana Fruit Cocktail

Avocado with strawberry , amba, pineapple, kiwi,melon and ice cream with almond, pistachios and honey

21 QR
Austin Mojo Cocktail

Avocado with amba, strawberries and ice cream

21 QR
Hydraulic Cocktail

Avocado, strawberry, coconut and ice cream

21 QR