Uzman Turkish Restaurant

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Experience the authentic flavors of Turkey at Uzman Turkish Restaurant. As one of the top-rated Turkish restaurants in Doha, we pride ourselves on delivering a culinary journey that will transport you straight to the heart of Istanbul. At Uzman Turkish Restaurant, we showcase the best of Turkish cuisine with a menu that features traditional dishes made from the finest ingredients.

Best Selling


Kemik iliginde Mercimek

Lentil Soup

20 QR
Kelle Paca

lamb head,cream sauce,garlic and vinegar

35 QR
Domates Corbasi

tomato soup

25 QR
Lokum Steak 250g

Tenderloin mashed potatoes truffle sauce with grilled vegetables

165 QR
Konya Tandir Kebap

Lamb shoulder, neck cook for 4 hours, mashed potatoes truffle onion salsa chef's sauce

100 QR
Karisik Izgara

Mix Grill, with Meatball, Lamb Rib, Sirloin Steak, Adana Kebap, doner served with mashed potatoes truffle grilled vegetables

175 QR
Beyti 250g

A mixture of perfectly seasoned ground beef and lamb rolled in dough called yufka fresh butter and yogurt

75 QR

10 QR

10 QR
Buyuk Soda 700 ml

Sparkling Water Big

18 QR
Kucuk Soda 330ml

Sparkling Water Small

10 QR

10 QR
Kucuk Su 330ml

Still Water small

11 QR
Uzman Cheeseburger

Plate & flank beef 200 gr, cheddar chéfesse, onion tomato, cucumber, pickles, iceberg, Lettuce, Blanche bred uzman barbeque sauce

50 QR
Doner Tombik

special marinated doner sandwhich served with potatoes , pickles, and tomatoes

25 QR
Doner Dorum

Special Marinated Doner Wrap served with Potatoes, Cheese, and Tomatoes

25 QR
Uzman Hamburger

Plate Flank beef 200 gr onion, tomato, cucumber, pickles, iceberg Lettuce, Blanche bred uzman, barbeque sauce

45 QR
Patates Tava

french fries

20 QR
Uzman Manti

Minced Meat Dumplings with Yoghurt Sauce fresh butter

57 QR