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Looking for a place to satisfy your pasta cravings in Qatar? Look no further than Vanellis! With a menu that will make your taste buds dance, Vanellis is the ultimate destination for delicious pasta and more. At Vanellis, we pride ourselves on offering a unique dining experience that sets us apart from the rest. Our specialty lies in serving up mouthwatering pasta dishes made with love and passion.

Best Selling


Chicken Pasta

30 QR
Vegetable Pasta

25 QR
Shrimp Pasta

33 QR
Mix Pasta

Your Favorite mixed Pasta with Chicken 5 Pieces of shrimp, Your Choice of Sauce & Vegetables

35 QR
Sausage Pasta

28 QR
Classic Pasta

22 QR
Tomato Soup

15 QR
Chicken Wings

25 QR
Potato Wedges

8 QR
Crazy Pops

12 QR
French Fries

8 QR
Caeser Salad

9 QR
Chicken Caeser Salad

13 QR
Greek Salad

15 QR
Mountain Dew Can

6 QR
Mirinda Orange Can

6 QR
Mirinda Strawberry Can

6 QR
Pepsi Can

6 QR
7UP Can

6 QR