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Experience the unique taste of Walema, right at your doorstep in Qatar. With Snoonus rapid delivery, savor Walemas extensive menu, filled with exquisite offerings that are a feast for the senses. Uncover the best deals that maximize your satisfaction and add an extra sprinkle of joy to your dining experience. Through Snoonu, bringing home the unique essence of Walema is just a click away. Place your order now and let us serve you the Walema magic!

Best Selling


Rocca Salad

Mixed with bunch rocca,olive oil,vinegar,dry mint,cherry tomatoes 150 g

25 QR
Roob Cucumber Salad

Fresh cut cucumber mixed with yogurt 150 g

18 QR
Green Salad

Variety fresh cut herbs salad served with mustard sauce on top 150 g

15 QR
Mashkoul Robiyan

Dish made of fresh shrimp and basmati rice served with yogurt sauce 400g

65 QR
Meat Machboos

Slow cooked local lamb with basmati rice served with,yogurt,dagous 500 g

48 QR
Chicken Machboos

Lovely cooked arabian dish with basmati rice,fried chicken ,yogurt,dagous 500 g

42 QR
Chicken Biryani

Dish made with basmati rice and fried chicken served with yogurt,dagous 500 g

40 QR
Meat Salona

Stew made of fresh local meat and tomato sauce and fresh vegetable 400g

45 QR
Chicken Mandi

Serving size - 500 gm, chicken mandi, basmati rice and hamsa served with daqoos sauce and small yoghurt

40 QR
Meat Biryani

Dish made with basmati rice and local meat served with yogurt,dagous 500 g

45 QR
Chicken Salona

Chicken stew made of fresh tomato and herbs 400g

38 QR
White Rice

Plain cooked basmati rice 400 g

12 QR
Machboos Rice

Basmati rice cooked with arabic spices 400 g

15 QR

Fresh made spicy tomato sauce 50 g

5 QR
Biryani Rice

Cooked fresh basmati rice with fried onions and nuts on top 400 g

15 QR
Cucumber Yogurt

Chopped cucumber mixed with fresh yogurt 50g

5 QR

Rice pudding made of fresh milk,saffron and sugar 200 g

15 QR

Sweet and savoury dish,vermicelli,rose water ,saffron 200 g

20 QR
Om Ali

Pudding with pastry,milk,nuts,and raisins 200 g

20 QR