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Craving a juicy, gourmet burger? Welcome to Wow Burger, your new favorite destination for a mouth-watering experience. Offering a unique wow burger menu, each item is a masterpiece, like the onu classic wow, that's sure to tantalize your taste buds. Convenient wow burger delivery ensures your cravings are satisfied wherever you are in wow qatar. Discover our wow burgers menu and indulge in wow infused mushroom burger that will leave you wanting more.


Truffle Burger

Truffle mayo truffle oil American cheese fried onion grilled mushroom beef

30 QR
Soft Slider

3 Pieces shredded lettuce, cheese and sauce.

30 QR
Premium Burger

American cheese,Lettuce,Tomato,Special Sauce

28 QR
Shrimp Burger

Lettuce, tomato, American cheese and special sauce.

30 QR
Coleslaw Chicken Burger

Coleslaw, cheese and saucebao.

25 QR
Premium Chicken Burger

American cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, Special Sauce

28 QR
Crunchy Chicken Burger

American cheese, shredded lettuce and sweet chilly mayo

28 QR
Pomegranate Burger

American cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, Pomegranate, special sauce

30 QR
Wow Big Guy

Two beef patties, cheddar cheese, beefbacon, crispy onion, jalapeno and two kinds of sauce

38 QR
Hayya Burger

Beef patty, short ribs, cheddar cheese, caramelized onion, and wow sauce.

38 QR
Grilled Mushroom Burger

American cheese, lettuce, tomato special sauce, and grilled mushroom

30 QR
Swiss Mushroom Burger

American cheese, grilled beef bacon, mushroom and mushrooms sauce.

30 QR
Jap And Cheese Burger

Beef, lettuce, fried onion, strings American cheese and jalapeno mayo

30 QR
Cannon Burger

Beef, shredded lettuce, grilled onion, grilled mushroom, grilled bacon and special sauce

30 QR
Cheese Engine Burger

Beef, lettuce, American cheese, tomato, jack cheese and special sauce.

30 QR
Guys Chicken Burger

Shredded lettuce, American cheese and jalapeno mayo

28 QR
Build Own Burger

Beef patty, slice cheese ,potato bun ,lettuce , tomato ,special sauce ,and ketchup

60 QR
Buffalo Shrimps

Buffalo shrimp is an incredibly light and tasty appetizer crispy, battered fried shrimp.

30 QR
Ground Fries

Fries, cheese, fried onions, jalapeno, beefbacon, shredded beef and retro sauce

34 QR