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Indulge in the delightful world of Wumis Bakery and Sweets in Qatar, your ultimate destination for savoury treats and delicious surprises. Famous for its unique tinapa flakes and flavorful chicken feet, Wumis has captured the hearts of many. Our delectable Wumi's bread, infused with the richness of capsicum and the boldness of meat and spice, is a must-try.

Best Selling


Meat Pie

A nutritious pie filled with chunky creamy minced beef and vegetables

12 QR
Barbecue Chicken Wings 4 Pieces

Well grilled marinated chicken wings Drizzled with Barbecue Sauce

25 QR
Bowl Of Fisherman Soup 1.5 Litre

140 QR
Asun Fried Rice Tray

Diced goatmeat infused in vegetable fried rice

220 QR
Bowl Of Afang Soup 1.5 Litre

150 QR
Ofada Stew Bowl

Authentic blend of red capricum sauce and onions, Stewed in a blanch of assorted meat and topped with boiled egg. Served with a special ofada rice

130 QR
Village Rice

Well cooked and seasoned rice with mix of protein, and topped with crayfish

45 QR
Bowl Of Efo Riro ( 1.5 Litre )

125 QR
Smokey Jollof Rice Tray

A rich rice dish from Sub Sahara Africa. A smooth blend of tomatoes, onions, African spices, vegetables and stock in a single pot

135 QR
Buka Stew Fully Loaded 1.5 Litre

155 QR
Bowl Of Okro Soup 1.5 Litre

125 QR
Bowl Of Buka Stew Regular 1.5 Litre

115 QR
Bowl Of Egusi Soup 1.5 Litre

135 QR
Fried Rice Tray

Stir fried rice with mixed of vegetables

145 QR
Bowl Of Seafood Okro 1.5 Litre

140 QR
Ogbono Soup with Assorted Meat

135 QR
Bitter Leaf Soup

Roughly chopped bitter leaf, cooked in a well seasoned broth and thickened with cocoyam puree paste

53 QR
Grilled Peppered Whole Fish

Well marinated grilled fish topped with a delicious Roughly blend of capsicum peppered sauce,

67 QR
Okro Soup

Well marinated broth combined with green okra vegetable and Assorted meat.

53 QR