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WZN Healthy Food is your go-to destination for delicious and nutritious meals in Qatar. With a focus on promoting a healthy lifestyle, we offer a wide range of delectable dishes made from locally-sourced ingredients. Our menu features an array of options, including salads, wraps, smoothie bowls, and more. At WZN Healthy Food, we take pride in providing exclusive deals and specialties that you won't find anywhere else.

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Hummus With Avocado

Hummus with avocado served with lavash bread. Kcal 191, Protein 1 g, Carbs 35g, Fat6 g, Fiber 5g , Sodium 0mg

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Hummus With Beetroot

Hummus with beetroot served with lavash bread. Kcal 275, Protein 9g, Carbs 36g, Fat 10g,Fiber 6g, Sodium 0mg

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Plain Hummus

Plain hummus served with lavash bread Kcal 266 , Protein 10g, Carbs 33g, Fat9 g,Fiber6g , Sodium 0mg

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Hummus With Vegetables

Hummus flavored with vegetables served with lavash bread Kcal 261 , Protein 9 g, Carbs 34 g, Fat 9 g,Fiber 7g , Sodium 0mg

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Cheese Roll

Akawi, feta and Mozzarella blended with herbs and filled in Roll. Nutrition Facts Kcal 165.54 gm , protein 10.18 gm, carbs 15.4 gm, fat 7.24 gm.

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Cheddar Cheese Fries

Sweet Potato Mix with White Potato and Cheddar Cheese Sauce. Nutrition Facts Kcal 220, Protein 9gm, Fat 8gm. Allergies: Dairy, Vegetarian

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Chicken Musakhan

Chicken, Saj Bread, Sumac And Pomegranate Molasses. Nutrition Facts Kcal 224, Protein 16 G, Carbs 26 G, Fat 7 G, Allergies: Nuts

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Chicken Soup

Chicken potato soup in creamy texture stewed with ground chicken, potato and carrot. Nutrition Facts Kcal 112.9 gm, protein 6.01 gm, carbs 11.08 gm, fat 5.04 gm.

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Lentil Soup

Red lentil simmered in aromatic Vegitables, seasoned and blended Nutrition Facts Kcal 85.47 gm, protein 3.86 gm, carbs 12.09 gm, fat 2.69 gm.

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Mushroom Soup

Classic mushroom soup, 113 kcal,4.3 g protein, 11.8 g carbs, 6.1 g fat. contains dairy, vegetarian and keto.

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Honey Pumpkin Soup

Honey, Pumpkin And Stock. Nutrition Facts: 93 Kcal, 2g Proteins, 17 G Carbs, 2 G Fat. Contain Dairy.

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Burrata Salad

Salad consisting of chopped vegetables with burrata cheese.Kcal 241, Protein 10g, Carbs 23g, Fat 13g,Fiber 5g, Sodium 0mg

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Cobb Salad

Salad Consisting Of Various Vegetables Served With Chicken And Special Sauce. Kcal 312 G, Protein 40G, Carbs 23G And Fat 6G ,Fiber 6, Sodium 1.

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Shrimps Dynamite Salad

Salad consisting of assorted vegetables with shrimp and healthy dynamite sauce.Kcal 169, Protein 16g, Carbs 18g, Fat 4g,Fiber 4g, Sodium 1mg

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Apple Coleslaw

The famous coleslaw salad with apples.. Kcal 191, Protein 1 g, Carbs 35g, Fat6 g,Fiber 5g , Sodium 0mg

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Green Salad

Plain Greens And Squeezed Lemon, 71 Calories, Protein 1 Gm, Carbs 6 Gm, Fat 5 Gm, Fiber 2, Sodium 0. Vegetarian And Keto.

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Shrimp Thai Salad

Brown rice, shrimps, vegetables and Thai sauce, kcal 382, protein 33 gm, carbs 40gm, fat 10 gm, fiber 7, sodium 0. Allergy nuts and dairy.

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Chicken Caesar Salad

Chicken Breast, Caesar Sauce, Parmesan Cheese And Assorted Lettuce, 369 Calorie, Protein 42 Gm, Carbs 19 Gm, Fat 12 Gm, Fiber 3, Sodium 1. Allergies Dairy

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Asian Chicken Salad

Chicken breast, Asian sauce, peanuts and assorted lettuce. 382 Kcal, protein 39 gm, carbs 28 gm, fat 16 gm. contains nuts.

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