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Scrambled Shanklish

34 QR

Cheese And Honey Flatbread

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Chicken Hazelnut Salad


Crunchy Halloumi

Halloumi cheese covered with crumbs, served with fig and pistachio jam. Serving size is 150 grams.

34 QR

Scrambled Shanklish

Scrambled eggs with Shanklish served with labneh, fresh thyme leaves and sumac powder. Serving size is 110 grams.

40 QR

Fattet Zahar

Fried pita bread mix with chickpeas, yoghurt garlic sauce, basil oil and crunchy fried onions. Serving size 350 grams.

40 QR


Eggs cooked in spicy shakshuka sauce, feta cheese, and parsley

38 QR

Meat Bites

Four pieces of small cakes stuffed with minced meat spices, watercress and tahini mint sauce. Serving size is 110 grams.

42 QR

Cheese And Honey Flatbread

Cheese pie stuffed with cream cheese and toasted sesame, with honey syrup. Serving size is 80 grams.

34 QR

Falafel Bites

Four small cake pieces stuffed with fried falafel, tomatoes, mint, pickles and tahini mint sauce. Serving size is 90 grams.

40 QR

Zaatar Flatbread

Flat thyme bread served with labneh, olive sauce, thyme leaves and pomegranate. Serving size is 80 grams.

30 QR

Cheese Flatbread

Cheese pie mixed with fresh herbs topped with black sesame. Serving size is 80 grams.

32 QR

Box Kaak Mix

Meat kaak , halloumi basil kaak , chicken and homos kaak , falafel kaak , 20 pcs total , 5 pcs from each kind .

200 QR

Halloumi Pesto Bites

4 pieces mini kaak stuffed with halloumi, basil, fresh tomatoes and mint

40 QR

Kunafa Bites

Fresh kunafa stuffed with homemade kaak. Topped with pistachios and dried rose.

40 QR

Mix Fatayer Box

zaatar fatayer , cheese and honey , cheese and mint , 21 pcs total , 7 pc from each kind .

160 QR

Pistachio Labneh

Fresh Labneh Mix With Radishes, Black Olives, Spring Onions Served With Green Chili Sauce And Crushed Shanklish. Serving size is 90 grams.

30 QR

Crunchy Fried Potatoes

French fries, crispy and seasoned with our special spices. Serving size is 120 grams.

18 QR

Moutabal Ajami

Mix grilled eggplant with tahini sauce and lemon juice, served with homemade ajami sauce. Serving size is 90 grams.

32 QR

Cold Mezza Box

Cold Mezza Box Include Labné Pistachio , Moutabal Ajami , Homos Chestnut And Achta Bil Asal With Some Fresh Vegetables . Total Items 5 Units .

80 QR

Hot Mezza Box

Hot Mezza Box Include Fried Falafel , Chakchouka , Scrambled Eggs Shanklish , Fattet Zahar And Fresh Vegetables With Hot Mini Bread Total Items 5 Units

100 QR

Grilled Spicy Chicken Sandwich

Homemade pita bread stuffed with grilled chicken, roasted potatoes and chili sauce served with tzatziki sauce and crispy potato wedges. Serving size is 250 grams.

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