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Falafel Sandwich Arabic Bread

Arabic bread with falafel and salad

7 QR
Halloumi Cheese Sandwich

Halloumi cheese slices with tomatoes and cucumbers

9 QR
Egg Sandwich

Boiled eggs with tomato slices, cucumbers and pickles

6 QR
Chicken Liver Sandwich

Kaak with chicken liver and potatoes

10 QR
Chicken Shawarma

Chicken shawarma with garlic sauce

9 QR
Fukhara Chicken Liver

35 QR
Fukharat Kufta With Tomato

Kofta with tomato slices, onions and french fries

35 QR
Fukharat Kufta With Tahina

Kofta with tahini sauce and french fries

35 QR
Fukharat Tomato With Meat

Tomato potsticker with meat slices, onions and our delicious spices

35 QR
Fukhara Shakshuka

Eggs with tomatoes, onions and delicious spices

30 QR
Fukhara Mfaraket Potato

Eggs with potatoes with our delicious spices

30 QR
Falafel 2Pcs

1 QR
Falafel Mahshi 1 Pc

2 QR
Green Salad Plate

Lettuce, cucumber and tomato

10 QR
Mansaf Plate

Rice with lamb and cranberry jameed with local ghee and nuts

65 QR
Maftool Chicken Plate

My maftoul with sauce and chicken

40 QR

10 QR
Mansaf Kasah

15 QR
Hummus Plate

Ground chickpeas with tahini and lemon

12 QR