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Indulge in the vibrant flavors of Lebanese cuisine with Zahr El Laymoun. As one of the top-rated restaurants in town, we take pride in offering a unique dining experience that showcases the essence of Lebanese culture. At Zahr El Laymoun, we believe in using only the freshest and locally-sourced ingredients to create mouthwatering dishes that will tantalize your taste buds.

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Baked Eggs

Oven baked eggs with fresh thyme

23 QR

Cheese sphere with almond and basil covered with pomegranate seeds

32 QR
Baked Eggs and Meat

Baked eggs and meat top with garlic yogurt, served with vegetables and olives

31 QR
Beid bil Awarma

Special mix of eggs and meat with nuts

27 QR
Manakish Halloumi

Halloumi cheese mixed with parsley and onions

22 QR

Mashed chickpeas mixed with tahina

27 QR
Omelette halloumi

Oven baked eggs with halloumi cheese

29 QR
Manakish Zahr El Laymoun

Traditional Lebanese thyme with pomegranate seeds and fresh thyme

20 QR

Oven baked eggs with vegetables

24 QR

Eggs and tomato sauce, served with vegetables, olives, and kashkaval cheese.

27 QR
Manakish Zaatar

Traditional Lebanese thyme with sesame seeds

18 QR
Labneh Tray

Labneh covered with thyme,pistachio,olive oil with pomegranate seeds and olives

55 QR
Manakish Akawi, Kashkaval

22 QR
Stuffed Vine Leaves

Vine leaves stuffed with tomato, onion, parsley and rice

29 QR
Manakish Ras Asfour

Tender beef cuts with pomegranate molasses topped with baby rocca, pomegranate seeds and pine nuts.

38 QR
Manakish Meat

Minced meat served with yoghurt and vegetables

29 QR
Spicy Foul

Cooked fava beans with chili, garlic, cumin, and olive oil

26 QR
Fattet Hummus

Boiled chickpeas topped with garlic yoghurt and toasted bread

32 QR
Fattet Zahr El-Laymoun

Toasted bread, grilled eggplant cubes, boiled chickpeas, onion, cumin, and pomegranate molasses, topped with garlic yoghurt, pomegranate seeds and crispy onion

35 QR