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Experience the ultimate culinary journey at Zaoq and Ziafat, where delectable flavors and exquisite dishes await. As one of the most renowned restaurants in Qatar, Zaoq and Ziafat offers a unique fusion of traditional and contemporary cuisine. Our menu showcases an array of mouthwatering dishes that are sure to tantalize your taste buds. From aromatic biryanis and succulent kebabs to flavorful curries and refreshing beverages, we have something to satisfy every craving.

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Apple & Cabbage Salad

Apple With Chopped Carrots, Cabbage & Lemon Juice Mixed With Mayonnaise, Top Green Onions

16 QR
Fresh Garden Salad

A Healthy Combination Of Vegetables Along With Lemon Wedge

10 QR
Yogurt Raita

Plain Yogurt With A Slight Touch Of Cumin Seeds & Salt

8 QR
Yogurt Salad

Homemade Yogurt With A Slight Touch Of Cumin Seeds

12 QR
Kachumer Salad

Our Famous Fresh Salad Drizzled With Cucumbers, Carrots & Onion With Lemon Juice & Pepper

10 QR
Hummus With Bread

Traditional Arabic Starter Combinations Of Chickpeas, Tahina, Garlic, Lemon Juice & Olive Oil

18 QR
Murgh Yakhani (Non-veg)

Clear Chicken Broth Soup Perfect For The Weight Watchers

14 QR
Crispy Chicken Wings

Deep Fried Marinated Chicken Wings Served With Tomato Ketchup

18 QR
French Fries

Plain Potato Fries With Ketchup, All Time Kid’S Favorite

12 QR
Daal Shorba (Vegetarian)

Mixture Of Thick Masoor Lentil, Corn Flour, Butter, Lemon Juice, Black Pepper & Salt

15 QR
Chicken Nuggets

Deep Fried Breaded Chicken Nuggets Served With French Fries

16 QR
Lahori Chicken Tikka (Chicken Bone-in)

Half Chicken Leg And Breast Marinated In Rich Lahori Spices With Drizzled Chat Masala

44 QR
Zaoq & Ziafat Tandoori Khazana (Double)

Assorted Mouthwatering Delicious Mixed Bbq Served Along With Delicious Mint Sauce. Chatkara Boti, Mughlai Boti, Makhmali Kebab, Shahi Seekh Kebab, Sonehri Champ

100 QR
Samundari Tikka (White Fish Fillet)

Fish Cubes Marinated With Spiced Cream And Flavored With Lemon Grilled On Light Charcoal

48 QR
Sonehri Champ (Lamb Bone-in)

Tender Mutton Ribs Marinated In Traditional Lahori Spices Signature Dish Of Zaoq & Ziafat

50 QR
Hunzai Kebab (Mutton Minced)

Combinations Of Mutton Minced And Fat With Chef’S Secret Spices Cooked Over Hot Charcoal

48 QR
Makhmali Seekh Kebab (Chicken Minced)

Mouthwatering Chicken Minced Mixed With Traditional Spices & Creamy Cheese

48 QR
Shahjahani Boti (Chicken Boneless Cubes)

Chicken Marinated With Roasted Nuts And Chef’S Special Spices To Enhance The Flavor

46 QR
Kalmi Tikka (Chicken Drum Stick)

Marinated Chicken Drumstick In Mughlai Style Cooked On Light Flame Charcoal

42 QR