Coffee Room

Delivery time

43-48 Min


8.77 km

Working hours

ClosedUntil 3:30 pm



Best Selling

190 QR


110 QR

Roasted Baby Chicken

95 QR

Sole Florentine

275 QR

Tagliata di Manzo


Toast Sandwich Box

25 pieces of thick sliced, handmade-toasted bread topped with creamy soft cheese, served as 5 pieces of Smoked salmon toast sandwich, 5 pieces of Tuna toast sandwich, 5 pieces of Chicken sandwich with treaty Salmon Roe Caviar, crabstick and red currant.

190 QR

Slider Sandwich Box

20 pieces of Roasted Beef and Buffalo Cheese sandwich served with fluffy mini green and orange buns, packed with premium cheese, fresh vegetables and delicious cocktail and pesto sauces.

195 QR

Focaccia Sandwich Box

Hearty 25 pieces of Smoked Turkey, Halloumi Cheese and Chicken breast Focaccia sandwiches, prepared with white egg, black olive and sweet corn, perfectly paired with Emmental cheese and mayonnaise.

190 QR

Cheese Platter

A diverse mix of premium and quality Swiss and French cheese, fresh cut fruits mix, dried fruits, crackers, breadsticks, cold cuts, mix nuts, baby carrots and cucumber with special dips.

395 QR

Scones 10pc

10 pieces of perfectly flaky scones with the perfect hint of vanilla and butter served with cream and strawberry jam.

95 QR

Assorted Mini Cake

20 pieced delicacy with 4 pieces of perfectly rich and moist Raspberry Chocolate Cake, 4 pieces of multi layered Hazelnut Cake, 4 pieces of classic French Opera cake, 4 pieces of chocolaty and delicious Chocolate Madeleines along with 4 pieces of buttery Mascarpone Sable Cake.

170 QR

Tomato Mozzarella Tartine

Tartine bread with mix cherry tomatoes, fresh cherry mozzarella and olive tapenade

42 QR

Arabic Shakshouka

Eggs simmered in spiced tomato sauce with bread croutons

52 QR


Fresh berries, mango, Greek yogurt, walnuts and homemade granola with honey

60 QR

Goat Cheese Bruschetta

Roasted bread topped with creamy goat cheese, caramelized apples and walnuts

55 QR

Cheese Omelette

Omelette with mix melted cheese served with a side of mushroom.

49 QR

French Toast

Brioche bread toasted and served with fresh berries, vanilla ice cream and toffee sauce

60 QR

Mini Tacos

Chicken, beef and shrimps tacos with mix cheese, guacamole, tartare and Mexican sauce

52 QR

Salmon Roses

Smoked salmon roses stuffed, with ricotta cream cheese, cherry tomatoes and capers

78 QR

Fried Calamari & Shrimp

Fried shrimp and calamari, served with spicy tomato and tartare sauce.

65 QR


Brazilian Chicken Croquettes served with tartar sauce

48 QR

Chicken Roll

Chicken breast rolls stuffed with cheddar cheese and smoked turkey breast

55 QR

Buffalo Chicken

Chicken Balls Marinated in Buffalo Sauce served with Celery and Ranch Dip

50 QR

Dynamite Shrimp

Shrimp tossed in Tempura Flour and dynamite sauce

62 QR

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