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Best Selling

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Honeydew Milk Tea

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Brown Sugar Boba Crème Brulee Fresh Milk


Chicken Wings 4PCS with 16oz Milk Tea

Rich and creamy milk tea just like a dessert in a 16oz cup with free 02 ADD ONS and With flavor of your 4pcs Chicken Wings

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Chicken Katsu With Milk Tea

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Chicken Wings

With flavor of your choice

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Chicken Katsu With Cabbage

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Sweet Corn

with flavor of your choice

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French Fries

with flavor powder of your choice

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Hot Chocolate

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Cookies and Cream Milk Tea

Delicious crushed cookies and cream soaked in milk tea are softened little by little that creates an unforgettable drink, definitely a taste of childhood icludes free 02 ADD ONS

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Taiwanese Brown Sugar Milk Tea

The drink that started it all- brown sugar milk tea aka tiger milk tea with our sweet brown syrup drizzling on the side with fresh boba pearls and chizu milk foam included

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Honeydew Milk Tea

It's delicate, mellow, and refreshing Milk Tea includes with free 02 ADD ONS

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Taro Milk Tea

Sweet, rich, and creamy taro combines with classic milk tea for and amazing and colorfully purple drink includes free 02 ADD ONS

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Matcha Milk Tea

Sweet, rich and earthy milk tea with free 02 ADD ONS

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Almond Milk Tea

Represents the sweet nutty flavor of almond which balances any bitterness within the tea when combined, includes free 02 ADD ONS

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Chocolate Milk Tea

A warm sweet flavor of cocoa that had been toned down by milk along with tea includes free 02 ADD ONS

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Premium PANPAN Milk Tea

Crowd's favorite, a rich and creamy taste experience. Our very own classic milk tea with free 02 ADD ONS included

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Iced Spanish Latte

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Iced Latte

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Iced Americano

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