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Discover the enchanting world of Little Flora, your go-to destination for exquisite presents, delectable confections, and stunning flower arrangements. Our passion for perfection ensures that every moment is filled with comfort and joy. Experience the unparalleled convenience of Qatar's finest delivery service when you order roses, gifts, and even acrylic boxes online through Snoonu, all from the comfort of your own home. Embrace the beauty of Little Flora and create unforgettable memories.

Best Selling


A Luxurious Mix Chocolate Plate Consisting Of Pampire Chocolate, Chocolate Paste Chocolate, Biscotina Chocolate, Einstein Pistachio Chocolate, And Chocolate Dipping Roll Biscuits With Figs, Walnuts And Sesame

650 QR
Mix Chocolate Tray Consisting Of Fig Chocolate, Walnut Chocolate, Almond Chocolate, Sesame Chocolate With Arabic Sweet, Dusted With Cream, Pistachios, Pamphere Chocolate And Special Hazelnuts

450 QR
Luxurious Golden Plate With A Mix Of Chocolates And Artificial Flowers

470 QR
Chocolate Tray With Artificial Flowers Made Of Fig Chocolate, Walnut Chocolate, Almond Chocolate, Sesame Chocolate And Biscotina Chocolate

300 QR
Luxurious Chocolate Tray With Artificial Flowers, Consisting Of A Mix Of Chocolates, Chocolate Fillings With Pistachios And Nuts, And Arabic Sweet Taste Chocolate Topped With Cream And Biscuits

700 QR
A Distinctive 3d Box With The Most Delicious Chocolate And Fillings. Biscuit Roll With Hazelnut Paste, Biscotina And Nuts

400 QR
Cake With Flower With Balloons

Cake with flower with balloons with butterfly with writting

600 QR
Mixed Chocolate Kilo Box

200 QR
A white Ceramic Vase

With a mix of natural roses, pink roses, a pink baby rose, a white baby rose, and a ceramic jar with a mixture of chocolates

200 QR
Silver Luxury Square Box With Mix Chocolate

350 QR
Deluxe Chocolate Mix Box With Mix Flavors

250 QR
Mix Chocolate Box 250g

50 QR
A White Ceramic Vase

With a mix of natural flowers, a mix of baby roses, and a ceramic jar of a mix of chocolates

200 QR
Black Luxury Square Box With Mix Chocolate

350 QR
4 Flavors Chocolate Box With A Small Hammer To Break The Chocolate

180 QR
Pink Ceramic Vase

With a mix of artificial flowers and tulips and a box of four flavors of chocolate with a small hammer

250 QR
A Bouquet Of Natural Roses, A Mix Of Pink Roses, Dark Pink Roses, White Roses, And White And Pink Baby Roses

180 QR
Hand Bouquet 17

20 pcs Fresh white roses with white wrapping

250 QR
A Large Bouquet Of Natural Red Roses, 35 Roses

350 QR